Eriksen challenges himself to bring out the better self

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In today’s world, every person desires to reach at the paramount of his career and become a famous personality but only desiring doesn’t give you fruitful results. You have to earn it yourself through what not? Dedication towards goal, tireless hardwork and belief in yourself to accomplish that desire! Of which all the qualities are inhabited by the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen is ready to take up new challenges as he plans to drop out from Tottenham Hotspur after being with them for six years.

The Denmark midfielder revealed his transfer plan after their woeful defeat to Liverpool by 0-2 in UEFA Champions League, due to which Tottenham now are strapped for cash. Therefore, Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy will depart Eriksen away to raise funds for his club for summer transfer window and in addition to it, burden for repayments of new stadium also mounts on him. Levy demands £130 million for spirited Eriksen as this can par with the ability of his skills.

Eriksen spoke to an interview after losing to Liverpool in UEFA Champions League.

“I feel that I am at a stage of my career where I would like to try something new,” Eriksen told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet. “I have the deepest respect for everything that is happening at Tottenham and it would not be something negative to stay. But I have also said that I would like to try something new.

“I hope that something will be decided this summer. That is the plan. In football you never know when there could be a decision like that. It could be at any point. The best thing is always for it to happen quickly but in football things take time.”

The future club of Eriksen is likely to be Real Madrid as they would definitely ponder on such a great midfielder like him. Spanish Captial looks much certain because Zidane wants to rebuild his team after a dissatisfying performance in the previous season. Eriksen could be his shinning gem as the player is a total-package of dynamite.

”Real Madrid is a step up but then it would take Real Madrid picking up the phone and making contact with Tottenham and say that they want Christian,” Eriksen said. “And that they haven’t done as far as I know

“It all depends on Daniel Levy and there has to be another club too. Or I will sit down myself at the table and negotiate a new contract. You can’t set a date yourself. There aren’t many boxes that Tottenham don’t tick so if I have to move away, it would have to be a step up.”

If no interesting offers are made, then without any doubts Eriksen will stay at Tottenham Hotspur.

Eriksen was asked whether he would seek to run down his contract. “That is difficult to say,” he replied. “It depends on the possibilities. If there are no exciting offers why shouldn’t I stay at Tottenham? If I then sign a new contract depends on the conditions.”

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