The Craziest Champions League Race Ever

By Utsav
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The Premier League games, believed to be the most difficult and competitive in the world, are always fun to watch. This season seems especially exciting, but not always for the right reasons. In any case, the outcomes we are about to witness can surprise us all.

Snail’s race

Big data is not only a great tool in sports analysis, but, to some extent at least, it can be used to predict game results. It seems, however, that no amount of data could be able to solve the mystery of what the Premier League table will look at the end of the season. There are many contenders with real chances to secure the sweet spot. Some would argue, and quite rightly so that this is mostly due to teams’ inabilities rather than quality competition.


If we were to make some predictions, the first two places seem to be safely occupied by, respectively, soon-to-be champion Liverpool and Manchester City. Perhaps even the third, Leicester, should be able to stay the way they are. Further down the line, it seems for the moment like Chelsea has the biggest claim to secure the 4th position, with maybe as many as five other teams putting pressure on them. That would be: hungry Manchester United and Arsenal sides, trailing but still unpredictable Mourhino’s Tottenham, and the two underdogs: dependable and reliable this season Wolverhampton Wanderers, and the astonishing Sheffield United.

Other options

What is even more unbelievable here are the other ways to gain promotion to Champions League. As usual, you can do it by winning the Europa Cup. It’s not always something the teams have in mind while they feel they can still compete for the qualifying league place, but it’s an excellent way to invite yourself to the prestigious European competitions. Plus, you get the trophy in the end. Arsenal has gracefully busted out from the game already, but Man United and Wolverhampton Wanderers still have the chance.


To add more confusion to the mix, it needs to be mentioned that even the 5th position at the end of Premier League season might guarantee Champions League. It is due to the two-year ban that hangs over the Manchester City Football Club. They are, naturally, still in a legal battle with UEFA and hope to get away with a lesser penalty. So, nothing is set in stone, but it is a real possibility.


Then there are rather unfortunate external factors that have nothing to do with football and that nobody can do anything about. Not a single football fan would like to see their favorite competitions cut short, but it could happen. All because of the outbreak of coronavirus. The official football organs are still waiting before they announcing truly drastic measures, but the prognosis is not very optimistic. Games are being postponed, players quarantined, stadiums cleared out of spectators. The biggest fears of calling off the whole competitions concern Italian Serie A, but no federation should feel safe. How this will affect the Premier League, we’ll have to wait and see.

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