Could Gerrard be the next Liverpool Manager – and sooner than you think?

By Utsav
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There is nothing certain in football. Anyone who has been around the game for any length of time will understand that. They will also know that when things are going well they should hold on to that feeling and bask in it as much as possible, because you have no idea what is hiding around the corner. When Liverpool fans were celebrating their title in 1990, none would have predicted they would not see another one for thirty years. So any thoughts of this season being the template for the foreseeable future should be treated with caution.

You won’t find many people in football, and the odds on oddschecker certainly back that up, who don’t think Liverpool have this season’s title in the bag. There are many who think they will be equally hard to beat next season too. No doubt the same people who were saying it about Manchester City in the summer. The question is, can it get any better for Liverpool, and specifically Jurgen Klopp?

Klopp’s Choice


He has two options, one to follow the Fergie route, build something special at Anfield, to repeat what many people thought was nigh on unrepeatable. That must be incredibly tempting. But is it realistic? There must be a part of him asking ‘will it ever get better than this?’

His record shows that after success he has subsequently struggled to maintain it, before leaving. Things would certainly appear to be different at Liverpool and the fact he signed a new contract is encouraging even though, as we all know, a contract in football, much like a board’s vote of confidence, is anything but cast iron.

Competition in the EPL will be incredible next season, and for the forthcoming years. It is unlikely Liverpool will be able to maintain anything like their dominance year on year, and will Klopp want to leave the club under Wenger-like circumstances? There aren’t many places he would want to go. The only clubs big enough to attract him are unlikely to give him the freedom he would require to stamp his mark. The alternative is the German national side, though you get the impression with him that it is the day to day interaction with his players that he enjoys most.

A Natural Replacement

Will Steven Gerrard be swapping Ibrox for Anfield anytime soon

So, if he was to go, who would be the natural replacement. Look no further than Steven Gerrard. It would follow a proud tradition of recruiting one of their own, and few fit that description more than their iconic former midfielder. If he was to take the job though, you have to think it would have to be his next move, for fear of blotting his copybook. You also have to wonder how long he will want to stay north of the border. With all those things in mind, the title suddenly doesn’t sound as far-fetched as it would at first seem.

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