Chelsea shatter the Champions League hope of Arsenal

Kartik Jain
By Kartik Jain
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A deserving victory for Chelsea after thrashing badly their Arch-Rivals , Arsenal, by 4-1 in UEFA Europa Cup League final at Baku. Unai Emery’s battalion couldn’t help themselves against dauntless Chelsea and the only opportunity for them to secure a berth in the upcoming Champions Trophy has been shattered.

The match went for goalless during the first half. It’s only in the second half that Chelsea turned the tables in favour of them. At 49th minute, The Blues made the breakthrough from a fine header by Olivier Giroud, getting across the near post area. Chelsea, much enthusiastic, scored two more goals – by Pedro and a penalty goal by agile Eden Hazard in 60th and 65th minute respectively.

However, a stunning goal by Arsenal’s Iwobi , did arise a little spark within Arsenal fans to keep the game alive but that didn’t happen. Instead another goal was netted by the Blues striker Eden Hazard, doubling his score , just after three minutes of opponent’s sole goal.

The match ended with Sarri comfortably establishing triumph over Emery. After a goalless first half , Sarri took the responsibility and motivated the players to play their natural game. His words were worthy enough to boost up the players.

Hazard on Sarri: “(He said) just keep playing try to play our football. What we did in the second half, we know we have the players when we want to play all together, fight all together. Today we showed this mentality and I think for the fans, for the players, for the staff, it’s a great trophy to win.”

This was the last match of forward player, Eden Hazard as conjectures are suggesting he is to sign at the Spanish Capital. After seven long years for Chelsea we all bid a wonderful farewell for the veteran as he helped his side not only to score goals at this pivotal stage but has also experienced a fabulous journey with The Blues. He has gained fame and prosperity through his agile ability to flummox and surpass the defenders. He is quick at foot and ball controlling seems a cakewalk for him.

After winning the final, Hazard said that he is ready to face up new challenges and has loved to be part of the Premier League and playing with the greatest players and is grateful to the lovely fans also.

“My dream was to play in the Premier League and I have done that for one of the biggest clubs, so maybe now it is time for a new challenge.

“I want a new challenge. Now it is up to the two clubs. We will see in the next couple of days. This is the perfect end. I want to say to the fans that I love them, they are part of my family and I will always support Chelsea. If it is a goodbye, thank you for these seven years.”

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