Arsene Wenger – Bayern’s Lost Opportunity?

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When you’re as big as Bayern Munich and as successful as Bayern Munich, it’s always more than just the trophies that people look at, specially considering the lack of competition in the Bundesliga. When Niko Kovac was appointed the manager at the Allianz Arena, He was expected to pick up from the level that Pep Guardiola has set for him. And no wonder he found it difficult to even  maintain the standards at which arguably the World’s best manager left Bayern at, let alone bettering it.


While Niko Kovac did win the Budnesliga in his first season but it was more of Borruisa Dortmund handing them the victory than they snatching it from them by the sheer quality and proves that they possessed. Even though he saved his job but he wasn’t left with enough capital in the power corridor of Bayern hierarchy, Hence why it never came as a surprise when he was sacked after some poor performances as it was quite evident that he wasn’t the man to take the club forward. He was just trying to fit into the shoes which were a bit too big for him. But one man for whom it isn’t too big for, is Arsene Wenger, one of the many names which were considered by the Bayern hierarchy to replace Kovac, but as it seem it hasn’t quite worked out between the two parties.


A job as big as Bayern Munich would have been ideal for Arsene Wenger, a manager who is arguably into his career’s dawn, It would have given him a last shot at the Champions League, a trophy which he hasn’t been able to get his hands on. But it might be a bigger lose for Bayern, as they missed out on a proven manager who would have brought stability, professionalism and some expansive football to the club. Qualities which are not easily available in the current market. While Jürgen Klopp is the ideal managerial aspect for Bayern Munich, but he isn’t available for what seems like a time period around 2 years. Arsene Wenger would have been the right man to carry Bayern Munich forward till then as he’s one of the few managers who wouldn’t have demanded a money chest to operate and would have commanded respect in the dressing room straight away.

But it seems that Wenger to Bayern deal is off the track as the legendary manager has denied to become just a stopgap till the end of the season. Uli Hoeneß is into his last phases as Bayern Munich President and it seems he wanna get this decision right, but has he got it right by not getting Arsene Wenger on-board?

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