Host of Premier League clubs heating up race for Darwin Nunez

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By Talib Haider
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While Premier League teams have already started shortlisting a few of the strikers up for grasps. Darwin Nunez remains the most in-demand player for the summer transfer market.

Benfica’s 21-year-old striker has caught the eye of many around the world, this season. While his goalscoring abilities have not gone untold or unheard of, the Uruguayan has attracted buyers for a move that leads him away from Portugal.

28 goals, 3 assists, a nickname to go by and already a favourite amongst the fans. A brace against Barcelona and match-winning performance against Ajax – this has been Darwin’s highlight, so far this season.

There is a sense of satisfaction among the Benfica fans, players and coach alike, whenever the 21-year-old has stepped up for them. For many, Darwin Nunez is like Edinson Cavani in a body of a young Uruguayan. Or as many like t0 call him, the “21-year-old Cavani”. 

From his physical appearance and attributes to his mentality, everything that Darwin does on-field and off it looks like a mere reflection of Cavani. While it’s a huge compliment to be compared to one of the greatest strikers of all time, at the same time it shows how gem of a player Darwin Nunez really is.

It is not a fluke to be able to score week in and week out, while keeping fit for almost the entirety of the season. You need commitment, passion and above all, hard work to maintain the best of body shapes. Only a few, like Haaland and now Darwin replicate the hard-working mindset.

Playing Style

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A lot of Darwin’s attributes are similar to that of Edinson Cavani’s, as told above. But what exactly are these attributes?

Well, to go by, first of all, he is a machine that keeps on running up and down the lengths of the pitch. Helping his team in the attack, while also assuring they get an extra pair of legs in the defence. More importantly, his versatility- the ability to play in different positions helps him fit into any squad.

Benfica have been largely benefitted through the Uruguayan’s striking abilities, this season. But it will be a disrespect to his credentials if we won’t speak about his ability to play down the flanks as a winger as well. Yes! Darwin can also play as a left-winger. Too much of your surprise, he even runs deep into the defence and drives the play forward from thereon, often finishing the move he started. Just like Cavani’s engine like gameplay for United.

Which Premier League teams are rumoured to buy Darwin Nunez?

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So far, both the Manchester clubs, Spurs and Arsenal, have been linked to the Uruguayan national. While Arsenal are leading the race to buy Darwin in the summer from Benfica, the other clubs are well in contention to gain the services of the player.

Benfica wants a hefty price of at least £60 million, for the player, as reported by the Telegraph. Although, given the current rise of the player, this could be a mere bargain for the big Premier League teams.

Is Premier League fit for someone like Darwin Nunez?

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In my opinion, he is more than fit to play on English soil as he has already shown it with his work rate for Benfica. Darwin’s ability to bully the defenders, give a reflection of Diego Costa’s way of playing. The recent spectacle against Liverpool is the best example of how the 21-year-old striker manoeuvres the defenders in & around the box.

It is not easy to keep producing with the same level of energy, and still maintain a good body shape. The young Uruguayan sensation, Darwin Nunez, will be a revelation in the sides that tend to share the same mindset. And Arsenal, for me, could land him at the Emirates barring they do not slip their top 4 position in the later stages of the season.

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