Armando Broja is wanted by the Magpies: How is he different from other Newcastle strikers?

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Armando Broja is one of the hot topics for many Premier League clubs, in this summer transfer market. With Newcastle leading the pack to land him at the St. James’ Park.

Before anything, we shall keep in mind that Eddie Howe has not got enough finishers in the squad, who can grab the game by its chokehold. The club’s 3 strikers are all in their 30s, and even they do not share such a high stat to go by. Chris Wood (30), Callum Wilson (30), and Dwight Gayle (32), have a combined total of just 10 goals for the Magpies in the last season- with the latter not being able to even open his account.

It is a given that, if you sign a Poacher, a fox-in-a-box, or even an out-n-out #9, as a manager you also expect them to play a major role in your club’s goal-scoring tallies. Before the New Zealand veteran striker, Chris Wood was about to join Newcastle, we talked about how his experience and ability to win headers, could prove vital for the Magpies to make their way back into the season under Eddie Howe’s scheme of things.

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However, let’s not even talk about how Chris Wood failed here at St. James’ Park. Yes! It is true that he did not receive enough looping deliveries, compared to what he got at Burnley. But, then again, he should adapt to the new system quickly- given his experience in the Premier League. Meanwhile, Callum Wilson was the only one out of the 3 strikers in the club, who showed his scoring prowess- yet, he failed to hit double figures for the season.

Comparatively, however, Wilson was still able to muster 8 goals in the league, and that too in just 18 games- scoring 80% of the goals scored by the strikers. But, there seems to be another problem around with the Englishman, and that is very unlucky on his part. Given his abilities and skill set, Wilson is too injury-prone for his liking. Last season he missed almost half of the league games, owing to a calf injury first and then a hamstring problem.

Do not get me wrong, but you just cannot go on about a season waiting for your “to be star-striker” to return to the pitch, and then only you will start getting them goals in numbers. This is not how the game’s analytics work. And that is where the Magpies ‘need’ a striker, who is sound in finishing, and keeps good tabs on his fitness for the major part of the season. This is where someone like Armando Broja comes into the fold.


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At just 20, Armando Broja is already becoming the hottest of transfer topics. It is clear that he might have to move to pastures anew – permanently, this time around, since he might have a difficult time moving upwards in the Chelsea squad. But, it looks as if this could be a perfect time for Broja to make a move out of Cobham.

Although he came through the ranks of the Chelsea youth team, Armando Broja hardly ever got his season kicking at the Bridge. It seems as if he has spent his Chelsea career, away on loan spells – Vitesse (in Eredivisie), and then recently at Southampton. However, it is safe to say that he has been composed and collective in both of these spells. Scoring 10 goals in just 30 Eredivisie games, at Vitesse, just caught everyone’s attention.

Now, he has shown his paces here at a bigger level, in the Premier League. Last season, while he was out on loan at St. Marys, Broja scored 9 goals in all the competitions for Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side. Earning himself a role of a premier striker, at the club. Overall, Broja has scored 41 goals and has assisted another 9 goals in his career in 146 games that he has played, in total.

And now, he sees this as an opportunity to get more gametime and make a name for himself- coming out of the shadows of the Blues’. So, it seems as if a Newcastle bid could just come in at a very crucial stage of his career. A deal worthy of all of its value, and one that could also prove to be a more sustainable investment.

Although, Broja is referred to as an out-n-out striker- ‘a sole one up ahead’. But, his recent loan spell at Southampton also tells us that the English-born Albanian International can also play in a system that plays two Strikers up front. And Eddie Howe, if he is urged upon, can play both Wilson and Broja in a system of twos, adding the whole spice upfront. He is young and has the stamina to cover up voids in the opposition’s defences, while also having the pace to lead a counter. Making him another one of the freshly cut, raw products, with the ability to go well beyond his current reputation.


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He might be the answer to the attacking woes of the Magpies. It’s true because he has a repertoire of skills that any manager would love to see in their strikers. And at his age (20), it just makes him ever so much of an asset to have, if you are planning long-term. But, nothing is perfect, isn’t it?! So, at such a price value it is obviously not a guarantee that Eddie Howe might get what his team lacked last season, going up front. For that surety, you just might have to break your bank and get players like Jesus, Haaland, or Nunez.

But then again, this could be a real test as well to see how well is the recruitment at St. James’ Park. A cut deal of a player like Broja, could go as one of the bargains of the season, or turn out to be a horror show- only time will tell that.

Overall, Broja to Newcastle sounds interesting for multiple reasons, but 2 of those are crystal clear at the moment. Firstly, it will be good for the youngster’s career up ahead, as he will be getting the game time that he deserves to get at his new side. Secondly, at Newcastle, he has the chance to be the face of the pack upfront in Eddie Howe’s system.

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