Meet Anthony Elanga’s stunning girlfriend China Navana

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By Aaryan Shah
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Anthony Elanga is now being linked with a move to Nottingham Forest, and while England & Forest fans gets used to him — we would like a take a dive into his personal life, and introduce Nottingham faithful to his girlfriend China Navana.

It is quoted on other websites that China Navana and Anthony Elanga know each-other for a while and are maybe childhood friends, although there are no reports into how the pair met.

Now, while Elanga is struggling to adapt into the men’s game – he has shown, on multiple occasions, that he does possess the tenacity to play at the highest level and is maybe one of the late bloomers into the men’s game. Though this is not about Anthony Elanga – it’s about China Navana, who has to support him while he’s down and dusted.

There is not much known about China Navana, the paid were seen partying together in Greece last year – although that limits to the public appearances they have made. Looks like they like to keep it behind the wheels and enjoy a quite private life, as it’s difficult to have things private – especially when you play for a club with statute of Manchester United.

China Navana used to run a designing business by the name of China Navana Brows, but had to close that down owing to some troubles. Although there are indications that she would soon be starting the business chain again.

So aggregating from her instagram handle, she will turn 22 come September and loves to travel, as she frequently posts her travel memoirs to her almost 4,000 IG followers. If you drop her a follow, you are guaranteed a ride around the world with her and Elanga.

We will save you some trouble of finding her: Her Instagram ID is @chinanavana

IMAGES: Meet Anthony Elanga’s stunning girlfriend China Navana

*We don’t mean to infringe anyone’s privacy its just a bid for us to understand that so called wags are human beings as well and they play an equal role in player’s life and their performances. 

*We don’t own any of the image’s posted – they are just taken from Instagram handles of either of the couple

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