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All Liverpool players deserve to get the PL winners medal


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has made a statement that all his players who have featured this season deserve to get a winners medal for their valuable contributions.

The Reds are champions of England for the first time ever in the last 30 years. Manchester City’s loss against Chelsea sealed the title for the Reds. Liverpool also received a guard of honour from Manchester City before their game at Etihad. However, they succumbed to defeat after conceding four goals at Etihad.

There’s a rule that players who feature five times in the Premier League for the winning side would be eligible to receive the winners’ medal. At the moment there are just 21 players who are eligible for the winners’ medal. Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliot and Neco Williams may also receive the winners’ medal if they manage to get five appearances from the remaining six PL fixtures. Klopp believes that the players have done enough to receive a medal.

“I’d rather they think about the [five appearances] rule again, make it happen that if you have played one game then you should have a medal,” Klopp told the media. “Five games? I’m not sure who came up with that idea. I don’t think that it’s a good rule because people don’t understand how important the squad is to win a championship, then I cannot help the people to be honest.

“If you have no games, you should still get a medal. If you’re the second goalkeeper in a team and you have less games, you should get a medal. You train five million times over a year and if you don’t train at the highest level you have no chance to win a championship.

“Someone decided you have to play five games to win a medal? These boys will get a medal, 100 per cent. I will produce it myself. They can have my medal.

“We have to win football games; it’s not about giving appearances away here and there. They deserve a medal and they will get a medal, if not from the Premier League then from me.”

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