Adidas’ leaked Arsenal home kit 2023-24 takes invincible inspiration

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Adidas & Arsenal have had a bearing partnership with some insane kit drops. And as the Gunners prepare to clinch the title at the conclusion of ongoing season for the first time since that invincible team – Adidas has came up with some underlying inspiration from the kit that they wore in the invincible season for the Arsenal FC 2023-24 home kit.

Twitter account @TheAFCWay has came up with a leaked image of inspirations behind Arsenal kits for the 2023-24 season. The tweet said, “Designing gold accents on the Home kit to pay tribute to a gold trophy we won 20 years ago, is very easy to make sense of.”


Arsenal’s new home kit for the 2023-24 season celebrates the club’s Premier League championship with a gold colour scheme for team crest and accessories. Although the influence is clear, other parts of the uniform, such as the cut, the collar, and the sleeve cuffs, are only vaguely comparable – but the inspiration can be seen.

The Arsenal 2023-2024 uniform features a modest lighting strong design, in contrast to the plain 2003-2004 uniform. Throughout the 1990s, this was a staple of the Arsenal uniform.

Here are some of the comparables that’d help you direct a better judgement:

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