Calvin Ramsay: Who is the Scottish star, Liverpool are after?

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has built an amazing squad – one that is being feared not just in England, but throughout Europe. But it has not stopped the Reds from developing, even further than they already are. Just when you think Liverpool has a healthy, fit squad with perfect balance, Liverpool seals the deal for the Columbian winger in Luis Diaz. And since then, the Reds have looked even more lethal upfront. Now they are after a Scottish wonderkid Calvin Ramsay to add to their ranks, and the news is that Jurgen Klopp is the biggest admirer.

It has been a case for a long time now that the German puts his finger on a player and Liverpool just do not question his choice, buying the players more often than not- that is in itself not too often!

Who is Calvin Ramsay?

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Calvin Ramsay, you must have heard the name popping in the media in the recent past as the managers and pundits alike, just could not get their minds off of him.

An 18-year-old baller of a right-back, Ramsay has already made his breakthrough in the Scottish Premier League playing for Aberdeen –  his homegrown club. At the very first sight, you will see him as a baller of a player, his attitude, seriousness, and passion, all of it, reflecting through his appearance. No wonder, the name ‘Ramsay’ is spreading like wildfire, all across Europe.

At his age, he is the best there is to strengthen your side for the future. Calvin Ramsay came up through the ranks, especially during the back end of the last season, here at Aberdeen. The club finished 4th in the Scottish Premier League, and it was the, then, a 17-year-old right-back who caught the attention of the major clubs. Apart from the club’s success, he has also come through the ranks of the Scottish National side as well. Playing in the under 16s and 17s, before making it to the under 21s in the last year.

Coming through to this season, Aberdeen have not had a huge success in the SPL. Despite making it to the European competitions, they never really looked as if they were in it. But there have been individual brilliance all-around, and Calvin Ramsay is the one who has been unstoppable for the Dons. In 33 games across all competitions, the Aberdeen born right-back has assisted 9 goals for his team and scored one. While also contributing with the 6 assists in the UEFA Conference League.

What is being reported, so far?

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According to the multiple reports by the revered Merseyside outlet, Liverpool Echo, the Reds have joined the race to lure the Scottish young full-back to Anfield. Not just that, Liverpool are also said to have been leading the proceedings having joined the race a little late. But they have a lot of competition as Manchester United, Tottenham and even Leicester City are tracking the development of Ramsay.

To the added relief, for a few of the Kopites who want the club to sign the player, Jurgen Klopp is a big admirer of the player. And this could be the deciding factor if Ramsay is to become a Red in the near future.

Now, the question that is being asked is that why are the big English/European clubs after the signing of the Scottish wonderkid?

It is simple, if you look at Liverpool’s style of play it is more in-sync with what Ramsay would really like. In a system where it allows your full-backs to go ahead, the likes of Trent, and Robbo have flourished and the stats speak for themselves. Now looking at someone like Calvin Ramsay, well, it is safe to say that he is an attacking phenom.

Ramsay in Numbers

Calvin Ramsay has amassed great appreciation for all that he has done this season, and why not? At just 18, his numbers are crazy enough to be ignored. According to sofascore, he possesses an average of 55 touches per game, and 1.8, of the key passes. Adding to this, Ramsay has a pass accuracy of over 80% in the Scottish Premier League. If you think this is a sign of an elite RB in the making, just wait…

All the Liverpool fans must be able to relate to this next statistic. Calvin Ramsay averages a total of 2 crosses/game, with an accuracy of about 30%. He is just 18 and possesses the mindset of Trent, who is arguably the best right-back in the world, currently.


Look at this picture, for example, the winger back passes the ball to Ramsay (in possession) and the 18-year-old launches the ball, the first time, into the penalty area for his players to pounce on it. This is Trent-Esque thinking, if not similar to what Trent has been doing for Jurgen Klopp’s side.


All being said, he will be a good fit for us. And if Jurgen Klopp wants him, then none of the Reds will question it. But the thing is, I would not want Liverpool to go all-out for him against their competitions. If United will place a higher bid, let them have him because honestly speaking Neco Williams has had an amazing time at the Craven Cottage.

Since joining Fulham on loan in the winter transfer window, the Welsh international has scored twice and assisted twice for the Championship winners in just 14 games. And getting to know Klopp first-hand, since his move to Anfield in 2015, he might respect the Scottish but he will still prefer the Welsh- given the success he has had over the past few months at Fulham.

However, it still remains to be seen how will it be in the coming months. But Jurgen Klopp and co. will surely be looking forward to their current campaign as they know summer still lies after that.

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